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12/09/28        Our contact form has been updated.

12/09/28        The Invited Academic Addresses have been added.

12/09/28        The Workshops have been updated.

12/09/28        The Book Chapters have been updated.

12/09/28        The Publication list has been updated.

12/09/13        The Book Reviews have been updated. See reviews in the book section.

08/10/16        The Comments page is now functional.  Previously the comments page was disabled due to spam.

07/11/14          Reviews of the book The psychology of extreme violence, genocide and massacre has been added.

07/08/02         Speaking Schedule has been updated.  Posters have been added.

07/08/01         CV, Books have been updated.

07/07/31         CV, BooksPublications, Media, have been updated.

06/7/8              CV, Books, Book Chapters, Publications, Media, have been updated.

03/6/12            Publications, Laboratory, CV, Books, Book Chapters have been updated.

01/10/21          Search has been added.  You can now search the website.

01/7/24            Speaking Schedule has been updated.

01/6/27            Media is now under development and will be available soon.

01/6/27            Photogallery is now under development and will be available soon!

01/6/26            Information in the website is current as of June 1, 2001

00/2/7              Publications has been updated.

99/7/20            Links has been updated.

99/5/28            Speaking Schedule has been added.

99/5/28            Work In Progress has been added;  Publications, Book Chapters, and Addresses have been updated.